How to Assess Your Sexual Market Value

In red pill circles, sexual market value is the be all and end all of a person's desirability in the sexual marketplace.

How to Assess Your Sexual Market Value

In red pill circles, sexual market value is the be all and end all of a person's desirability in the sexual marketplace.

For women, sexual market value is skewed towards, youth, fertility, sexiness, beauty and being feminine and submissive.

For men, it's skewed towards earning power, ability to provide and gather resources, social power (leadership), and a whole host of other attributes that red pill adherents insist can make or break a man's sexual market value.

However, it's not always as black and white as this. There are many factors that can exponentially increase or decrease your sexual market value.

For women, it can decrease in not preserving your femininity e.g. sleeping with a lot of men (irrespective of how beautiful you are it's still a liability for any woman to be promiscuous), getting older, having a really stinky attitude towards men, etc.

For men, it can mean not being masculine. There's plenty of guys out there with a lot of money who can be good providers and have some semblance of social power, but they are terrible with women due to lack of male confidence and the absence of masculine leadership qualities in terms of relationships.

The good news is, with some self-development and some inner-reflection on both your strong suits and weak points, any person can elevate his or her sexual market value.

But first, let us examine where you are in terms of value in the sexual marketplace by assessing where you "fit in" by determining the following:

The Average of the People You Attract is Your Place in the Sexual Market Totem Pole

I often read headlines from various pop culture websites with the standard harangue, "I'm sick of unattractive guys approaching me" and "why are the guys I'm attracted to not interested in having a serious relationship with me?"

I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but, you may be punching well above your weight. And an even further tell is if you feel you have to sleep with a man just to keep his fleeting interest, you're punching that much more above your weight.

This is the typical battle cry of the alpha widow in the making. They aren't used to getting attention from top tier men (what they deem to be top tier men) and they throw themselves at them. They go "all in" with sex on demand, buttkissing, playing up being the wife-in-making role aka the pickme girl, etc.

If once in a blue moon a high value man comes along and wants to throw you a pittance with one night of sex, that's not your league.

However, if this is the type of man you attract consistently (and he treats you well and with respect), that's your league.

Same goes for men. If the women you're attracted to drive you up the wall, you can't be composed around them and you are immediately defaulting to simping, you may also be punching well above your weight.

There's nothing wrong with wanting the best mate you can get. That's what we all want. But if you find yourself getting dusted in a merciless and savage way by people you deem are so great and "dreamy," you may need to simply tighten your game and move up in the sexual market pecking order.

And that can prove to be a bit difficult if you are not used to dealing with people you deem to be a much higher caliber than you are.

By and large, you are the sum of the average group of people who tend to be attracted to you. Assess them and assess yourself. That's your league.

How Successful You Are With the Opposite Sex Also Determines Your Sexual Market Value

So now that we've established your sexual marketplace pecking order, let us now take a closer look at how loyal people are to you in terms of commitment.

As far as looks, there's plenty of beautiful women who can't get commitment from a high value man. Why? Because they're not commitment-worthy.

And what makes a woman commitment-worthy?

For starters, she isn't promiscuous. For every super hot woman who's showing her skin bits on Instagram and OnlySimps, she's a woman whom no high value man will take seriously.

A high value man wants someone he can proudly take home and introduce to his family. You think he's going to be proud to introduce a woman to his inner circle at the annual barbecue and say, "This is Sally. She's does sex work on social media."

Appearance and image is everything to a high value man. He doesn't need to settle down with a beautiful woman who does sex work when there's easily dozens of other beautiful women on his radar who don't do sex work.

Thus if high value men are sleeping with you but don't want to commit to you, your sexual market value is lacking.

However, if you're the type of woman whom a high value man (regularly) wants to spent time with, has respect for, makes plans with, etc., it's safe to say you're on the higher end in terms of sexual market value.

Sexual market value for women has a great deal to do with the kind of man who will willingly commit to her. And really, anything less than commitment from a man is meaningless because sex means virtually ZILCH to men and they'll have sex with any woman who is willing.

A high value man WON'T commit to just any woman who is willing to have sex with him. It's up to you to know the difference and proceed accordingly.

Can You Move Up or Down in Sexual Market Value? Absolutely - Here's How

Working on yourself from the inside out should be paramount to anyone who wants to increase their sexual market value. This goes doubly for game skills too.

Many red pill adherents insist that looks, sexiness, money, being able to provide, etc., is all any man or woman needs to make it out there in the ever unforgiving sexual marketplace. And they couldn't be more wrong.

There are more single people now than ever before in the entire history of Western civilization. And there's more sex, youth, and promiscuity on display than ever before with no end in sight.

Right now, working on your social skills and your ability to carry yourself like a dignified and mature adult is CRUCIAL in terms of attraction and getting people to stick around for the long haul.

You need class, character, values, a level head about you, charm, charisma, empathy, realistic life goals, and a backbone to have any semblance of success with the opposite sex in today's dating environment.

To the dismay of what many people in the red pill insist, showing up with a perfect rack and a fat wallet doesn't make you marriage material–plenty of people have that and no decent prospects on the horizon for long-term commitment.

So how do you work on your inner character?

Be religious (no that's not a joke).

Do things that challenge you to become a much better and stronger person.

Expand your social circles and meet people who have the same qualities you'd like to emulate.

Strive to be the kind of person someone would kill to have on their side.

Increasing your sexual market value now more than ever before means being a person who is just attractive inside as they are on the exterior.

How do you measure up?

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