Red Pill Rescue Ep. 9 - The Plastic Surgery Debate

The Debate on Widespread Plastic Surgery Among Today's Women

I've been droning on and on lately about the plastic surgery debacle upon which millions of women have undergone various plastic surgery procedures to "enhance" their appearance. They long to be sex symbols, to lead a glamorous life and to gain fame and notoriety on social media.

Meanwhile, countless men have verbalized to me that they despise lip injections. One man said it was like "kissing a tire" where another said it was akin to kissing a balloon or a piece of rubber.

And many other men have flat out confessed that plastic surgery ticks off something in their own brain that doesn't allow them to connect with women on an emotional level. This level of plastic surgery hypersexualization among young women (older ones too) may be in fact be preventing them from finding husbands and having families.

One aspect in particular that was very surprising to me was that two of these women, who have had the utmost in extensive plastic surgery procedures, to in effect, look like "sex dolls," lead terrible sex lives. Shouldn't looking like a sex doll bring out the most "primitive" sexual drive in a man in terms of arousal?

It seems that it doesn't. In fact, it appears as though these women are the prime candidates for casual romp sessions by their own admission. Men don't want to make love to them, they just want to use their plasticized body parts for fleeting pleasure.

This seems to be a sweeping dehumanization phenomenon that's preventing people from bonding and having real human connections. The male brain is definitely wired for sex, it's just not wired for real emotional intimacy with women who look like wax dummy caricatures of a woman.

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