How to Deal With a Difficult Woman

"That's why 'equality' doesn't work. Men have to lead. You must allow yourself to think and lead like a man. Smart. Wise. Direct. No nonsense. Unwavering. Unflinching. Standing in the truth. And never entertaining any childish nonsense."

How to Deal With a Difficult Woman

I'm often asked what men can do in dealing with a difficult woman and they seem stumped as to how to get through to her and nip her bad attitude and behavior in the bud.

Luckily, men are very skilled in this department. That's why they're masters of wit and repartee. It's your built-in male mechanism to use your wits and problem solving skills to diffuse situations.

And the main reason you are having trouble in this area is because you are suppressing these masterful skills out of fear.

"There goes my punanny supply if she gets angry and upset."

"She's going to leave me if I speak up even though none of this is fair and it isn't working (hint: you are in danger here and you WILL lose her definitively if this goes on unchecked)"

"She cries and manipulates me during conflict and I fall for it every time."

And so on.

I've always been a proponent of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." It's very similar in that I've always said that in being a player, it's mostly strictly a preventative measure.

You don't get to walk back disrespect that repeatedly occurs for years on end.

You don't get to let people treat you horribly while you go along with it and suddenly wake up one day and expect the person to change and treat you well.

You don't get to sleep around (as a woman especially) and years later say you're a born again virgin as 30 creeps up on you and you're unmarried and childless.

You have to have standards and boundaries in place from the very beginning. People learn very quickly how they will treat you in the way that you allow yourself to be treated.

So you have to ask yourself...

Are you an honest man? Are you being honest with yourself about the way a woman is treating you and you are certain you should have handled it better?