Q&A: The Red Pill Has Convinced Me I'm Too Old to Find a Husband

"For 60 years, they've been systematically dismantling traditions and ushering in filth culture that prevents young men and women from getting married and having children."

The Red Pill Has Convinced Me I'm Too Old to Find a Husband


Dear Jenny,

I read your article recently "Why Are Red Pill Men Angry About Age Preferences in Women" and I wanted to say thank you for writing about this issue.

It struck a cord because I turned 30 about 6 months ago and I have been struggling a lot with aging and being "post-wall" and although growing up it never used to bother me for some reason, it is really hurting me now more than ever.

I am struggling with dating right now and I feel as if this is further reaffirming my fears that I was told that "only losers will want you and not high value men."

I don't want to give up on love or finding someone but I'm struggling heavily. Every event that I attend the women are so much younger (and the men) and I feel as if I have missed my chance because I didn't take advantage and put myself out there when I was younger.

How do I come to terms with that? I really want to be "lovepilled" and get rid of the toxic "red pill" ideology.


30 (And Not Even Post-Wall by Any Stretch of Your Imagination, My Pumpkin)


Dear 30,

I hear you loud and clear. As a result of submersing myself in the red pill for a stretch of time over a decade ago, I went through a terrible bout of this "I hate my aging self and my husband is going to leave me" unfounded paranoia.

I was 35 at the time, and despite being very happily married going on 10 years with small children, even I fell for it.

The messaging really gets to you, doesn't it? You spend days absorbing all this messaging into the undisturbed areas of your brain and it becomes a case of garbage in, garbage out.

You're swallowing up all this garbage from miserable, nihilistic losers and it comes out as garbage in the way you feel about yourself as a woman.

Your first order of business is, you must stay away from the red pill completely. Completely. It's not a place for women and really, it's no place for men either.

They're a bunch of sexually frustrated, whiny dorks who got stuffed in lockers in high school who can't seem to understand basic human anatomy.

They actually think women don't fart or poop for God's sake.

You have to ask yourself, how do people that think women don't defecate have any real knowledge whatsoever concerning any important life matters at all?

They promote this "wet behind the ears" drivel at every turn because they haven't gotten past "the sniffin' butt stage," courtesy of Don once again in Dazed and Confused.

They never advanced beyond any key developmental life stages for men in being perpetual 14-year olds who were apparently sick the day they taught "girls have the physiological ability to relieve themselves."

Normal, well-adjusted young men tend to graduate from this puerile nonsense long before they're 45 and alone on the internet badgering unsuspecting women into feeling horrible about themselves that have wandered into the red pill by mistake.

Don does well with women. Red pill men don't.

And believe me, you did wander there by mistake.

You probably thought they promote traditional values.

They don't.

You probably thought you'd find a likeminded group of people who would sympathize with your plight in being an unmarried and single woman in her 30's.

They won't.

You probably thought that you would at least find some answers as to why you're 30 and unmarried like legions of millennial women who find themselves in the same predicament.

Only to discover, you can't.

You can't find those answers in the red pill because they can't answer for it either. The only rabbit they can pull out of their red pill dusty dork hat is, "Women stink and have cooties."

What is this, 7th grade all over again? If they could jump through their screens and kick you in the shins and tangle your hair in knots, believe me they would.

I came to understand long ago it's a very big mistake for any woman to find herself smack dab in the middle of a hostile, rabid, circle jerk culture made up of mostly incels who can't seem to grow up and mature developmentally-wise who project that on everyone around them. Especially women.

"You stink, you have cooties and you're gonna hit the wall!" - Every dork in the red pill who is single and alone with no end to their loserdom in sight

I repeat, there is nothing for you to glean from the red pill as a woman that common sense can't already spell out for you.

Newsflash: Women getting old and losing their fertility and looks is part of the natural cycle of life. It happens to every single one of us if we manage to survive on this here big boulder they call Earth for any length of time.

Why is this news to anyone?

People get old. Let me call CNN and see if they can air this nouveau wisdom on the tele for us in the hopes that it will reverberate from shore to shore so that women around the world will finally wake up and get it!

Also, you can't help but to notice that all these red pill sycophant d*ckriders for Rollo et al. aren't exactly setting the world on fire either. They're all single too.

Ideally, these people, barring defective GMO genes that have albeit rendered them asystole among the gene pool, you would be pairing up with them, getting married and having children.

This got all fouled up a long time ago. And today, women have no useful mainstream resources anywhere that help encourage women to pursue a more traditional lifestyle, even less so to pursue it with gusto at 19 like your grandmother did.

And the red pill? You're now much worse off having found yourself being subjected to their cultural rot. But again, my pumpkin, consider the source. These people aren't James Bond by any means last time I checked.

Red pill is just another head on the hydra of destroying marriage and families.

For 60 years, they've been systematically dismantling traditions and ushering in filth culture that prevents young men and women from getting married and having children.

And the red pill is just as feminist and leftward as the feminists they love to hate.

Now, to address your personal issue in being 30 and wanting to find a husband, and noticing how much younger the people around you are suddenly becoming, I suggest reaching out to folks closer to your own age group.

Again, there is no shortage of millennials, both men and women alike, in your age range who are single. Mix and mingle with them, make new friends and expand your social circle with that of your peers.

As far as finding a high value man? Well, what do you consider high value? The playboy who has 200 women blowing up his phone at any given moment? Or a man who shares the same values and is interested in marriage and having children?

If you are or were a former "party girl," who has since found redemption on this side of 30, and is now expecting a playboy to "come to his senses" and settle down with you, that just isn't going to happen.

But I suspect you don't want that at all. You'd likely be happy to find a guy with whom you share a lot in common and can picture building a wonderful future.

30 is not too old to find a man. People of all ages find love every day. People from all over the world find love and long-term relationships.

It's only the folks who have yet to ever accomplish finding the same who are projecting their own fears onto women like you–because it sure as hell isn't happening for them either.

You won't find love anywhere in the red pill. Those lost and broken souls are the antithesis of love. In fact, they will spend every moment they can trying to talk you out of love and to give up on it completely–because they themselves have entirely given up on living any sort of meaningful life altogether.

Masturbate for years on end, idolize women, call them fat and post-wall then die alone. That's right, the only thing left for them do now is die alone like Kevin Samuels or rot in a foreign prison like Andrew Tate, who may very well never see the light of day again.

So how do you break this cycle of death and succeed in finding a husband?

The following is how I found my husband along with a couple clients of mine using this exact same method:

I prayed for a husband.

Yes, you read that right. Diligently for a year, I prayed that my husband would find me. And much like my clients, my husband quite literally showed up on my front doorstep a year later.

It works. Prayer, going within and rediscovering your kind and compassionate, feminine nature and embodying love is how you attract love into your life.

You say you want to be "lovepilled" right? So believe in love with all your heart and soul and the heavens will have no choice but to bestow you with everything you've ever asked for in a man.

It happened to me (and two of my clients). My prayers were answered 20 years ago. Yours too can be answered the very day you start believing in love again.

We are what we attract. We are what we think. Garbage in, garbage out? Or all-knowing love from deep within and living the rest of your happy life without any of the needless, toxic garbage?

I think the choice is a very easy one for you to make.

You want love, be all about love.

You got this, 30. Pray, believe above all, and BE LOVE.

Love and Many Blessings,


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