Non-Negotiable Rules For Making a Move on a Woman

"You are thinking about future scenarios that haven't happened yet such as, "Well, if I make a move, she will say no because I didn't say it right, I didn't say it with enough balls, I didn't ask her using the perfect words."

Non-Negotiable Rules For Making a Move on a Woman

It's no mystery in that doing what I do here and being on Instagram with open DMs (huRr DuRR, mUh DMs ArE OpEN, mAN), I get messages every single day from guys who are going about their approaches with women all wrong.

They get acquainted with a woman in a public place (guys, the opportunity presenting itself here really doesn't get any better than that), flirty conversation is moving along, and she is waiting for the guy to make a move.

But somehow he just doesn't seem to "understand" what's happening between him and the cute girl. He doesn't see the opportunity to make a move laid bare before his very eyes.

First, if a woman passes all the "initial stages" in your approach i.e. she's giving you flirty glances and is excited about you coming over to talk to her, it doesn't get any clearer that she WANTS you to make a move right then and there.

And again, most all of these guys don't see an opportunity like this when it's smacking them in the face.

It doesn't get any clearer than a woman engaging with you in that very moment in person, in your face and is dialed in and actually wants you to ask her out.

Yet for some reason, you don't want to actually believe it.

Well, your very first step is to believe it. 100%. And today you're going to learn how to do this like a pro.

Thus the following is what you must do from now on in your approaches and it's non-negotiable: