A Simple Cord-Cutting Ritual to Move On From a Painful Relationship

"First, you must let go of all the anger, frustration, and over-tired emotions you may be feeling in imagining the person. Take several deep breaths (inhale and exhale deeply until you are relaxed) and envision how you felt about them the moment you fell in love with them.

Simple cord-cutting ritual to move on from a painful relationship

If you've found yourself stuck in a long, drawn out aftermath of an emotionally exhausting oneitis/alpha widow relationship and you feel you are now completely ready to move on with your life, a simple cord-cutting ritual may be just what the doctor ordered.

It may also be a bit more complex for you than merely desiring to cut ties to a relationship with a previous love. It could be a karmic relationship where there may be a karmic "soul connection" between you and the other person which makes it all the more difficult for you to move on. You may find yourself fully ready to move forward, but you're stuck in a painful love/hate loop where the person has fully planted themselves in your heart and soul and it feels impossible to move on.

And it doesn't help that if you are to search "cord-cutting ritual" on the internet, you'll find yourself inundated with hours/days-long "ceremonies" where you need special salt crystals from Peru, tree bark from Ethiopia and 27 candles made of exotic paraffin wax that can't be located anywhere.

The good news is, you don't have to run yourself through a gauntlet of "silly" things that seem over-the-top in performing a cord-cutting ritual. With a few easy steps, you can use some simple items laying around the house to perform this (quick and easy) ritual.