The Truth Behind Why He's an Asshole and How to Fight Back Graciously

"Men will never tell you they treasure a woman who communicates like a man and leaves her emotions out of it. They don't want you to know that because it's a bridge to tremendous power. He knows it works because he's a man and it works for him."

Why he's an asshole and how to game him

If you're with any man who has any level of testosterone that clocks in above any baseline acceptable measurement, he's very likely going to be an asshole.

Assholes have testosterone. Without that, they probably wouldn't be assholes or at the very least, they'd be content to be much less of one.

I talked about how my husband was an extreme, off-color asshole to me before we got married and how I was able to adeptly handle him with grace and dignity and find lasting success in my relationship.

Always remember, a man is still a man. You can handle him with some level of peace of mind if you allow yourself not to get too caught up in your emotions. Real tough stuff for women because they tend to operate strictly on emotions and "open communication" where they overshare and lament in-depth how they feel.